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Maheese Ra (aka "Pooh")

Pooh kitten  

Momcat Simba - a neighborhood wild cat had a litter of three in spring of 1998. Pooh and Jinni came to live in the house, Nefertum - their brother - disappeared about a year later (it is estimated that the average life span of an outdoor cat is only 2 years).  

Maheese is named after an Egyptian Lion-headed God, son of Bast.  His middle name - Ra (named after the Egyptian Sun God) is given to him because of his golden yellow eyes and the pale-orange tabby fur (much like the rays of the sun :)  Although he's best known for his nickname "Pooh" named after the Winney the Pooh.


Pooh is nicknamed the "Pleasant Cat" because most of the time he walks around with his tail up and curved at the tip - a sign that he's in a good mood.  Pooh is very loving and sweet.  He gets along with everybody, although the boys are his favorite.  He forgives and forgets rather easily.


Pooh is usually found sleeping during the day (what else is new for a cat :) In the evenings he greets the humans by jumping on the couch and getting loves... but only for a second!  The night is full of excitement, with so much play-hunting to be done!  


Pooh's "otter" sleeping position.


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