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Atum (aka "Thomas" or "Tum")

Tum Tum is the newest member of the community.  Before he joined us, we were declaring "Eight Cats!  We are *not* accepting any more cats unless they come directly to our front porch and walk in the door....
Well, that's what Tum did.  We often wander if the outdoor Ferals aren't circulating rumors about the occupants of that house that are 'suckers' for cats.  Either way, Tum came to us with an injured leg that had an abscessed infection.  He was not pleased when a tube was attached to his wound to drain the infection.  Luckily, with all the love and nutrition he recovered relatively quickly, and is now his usual handsome self.
Tum Tum *LOVES* boxes.  Unlike Lily who likes to lay on TOP of boxes, Tum's passion is in getting INTO things.  Any box or bag will do! Tum
Tum is playful, and he's stern.  Tum is rough, and he's gentle.   He's standoffish, and he's the most lovable cat (when he's in the mood for it).  Tum likes to "tease" those that allow themselves get annoyed at him.   Overall, he seems to enjoy having a warm house, and food served to him.  When he sleeps, he looks like a portrait of peace and relaxation (hopefully with thoughts that he is finally safe :)


He sleeps like this quite ~often~

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