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This is the home page of
Benjamin Franklin Pierce (aka "Benny")

kitten Benny  

DOB 2/20/1995

Benjamin is Nonny's sibling.  My sister was at an animal shelter looking to adopt a dog, when a friend diverted her attention to the two tiny kittens: One looked up and did her since famous "Silent Meow" (this is in reference to Nonny),    ~seeming~ too weak to even let out a sound.  Then the other lifted his arm and placed it around his sister.  Needless to say, that did it: They both came home that fateful day nearly 5 years ago. 


Benny mostly stays in sis's room, usually coming out when the dogs are "away" (outside or in their crates).  Benny does not appreciate change, preferring his 'dry cereal' cat food to any 'human' food, and furthermore thinks there's something wrong with wet food.  Benny is theorized to have multiple personalities because he walks around talking meowing in different tones, seemingly to himself (then again, he may be communicating with one of the several ghosts we have floating around ;->



   Benny is very concerned about fellow housemates.
   Fuki, (the youngest) gets fed separately in the bedroom (because he's on a diet) and after he's done with his portion, he starts crying "Hello?  Hello?   I'm in here alone!"  (or something like that) and Benny comes into the living room to inform us: "Meow? Fuki's in there! Fuki's crying" and tries to 'lead' toward the bedroom.

Benny sleeping
The  ignominious picture of the page!!!

I'm not sure how he's comfortable, but he does this often.


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