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Feline Issues

last updated: 11102000

Warning!! This page currently contains a banner with a picture depicting disturbing animal cruelty. If you can, please take a moment and follow the link to sign the petition against animal cruelty.  If you feel you might be disturbed by the graphics, I advise you not to scroll down any further.   Thank You!


efore you consider declawing, please inform yourself of the facts and weight them against the alternatives.
Declawing a cat is not as easy as pulling out the claws.  It's the human equivalent of cutting off the fingers at the last joint.   It's painful long after the surgery heals.  Many cats become hostile or aggressive.  Many refuse to use the litter box after they've been declawed (don't blame them, it's painful!) And there may be psychological trauma as well. Your pet's attitude may change completely.  H/she   will be left defenseless against other cats or dogs. Worse yet, s/he will not be able to get away from danger by climbing up a tree!

*Instead consider the inexpensive alternative of introducing a scratching post.   With a few squirts of water for unwanted behavior, and patience on your part until your pet adapts to a scratching post is all that is necessary! (catnip sprinkled on the scratching post helps!) Also, you can try spraying a citrus scent where you DON'T want your cat to scratch as cats don't like the strong scents of citrus.
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Over 5 million animals are sentenced to death each year because of overpopulation.  A female cat has an average of 2 litters per year with the average survival of 2.8 kittens per litter and is mature to mate as early as 6 months old.  Male cats can father hundreds of children per year.  Unaltered cats have a greater need to "roam" and have urges that make them irritable and upset. 
*Unaltered males are more aggressive, and often urinate outside the litter box to "mark" their territory.  Neutering males reduces the risk of prostate cancer, and the urge to roam and fight.  It also eliminated the powerful odor of adult male urine and reduces the tendency to spray indoors. 
*Unaltered females whine/moan non-stop when they're in "heat".  Spaying the female before her first heat protects her from risks of uterine, ovarian, and mammary cancers. It also eliminated the stress of pregnancy.  It isn't necessarily more "fair" to let her have a litter before spaying.  If you'd like a kitten, please consider adopting one from the local shelter.
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Sandra's artwork
Sandra Barcenas, 1999

This is a truly beautiful (yet sad) story!!
A beautiful, touching true story!

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Feline Blessings!!!