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The Ferals

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The Ferals vary in number, most come and go as they please, but the three this page is dedicated to are permanent residents.

In 1997, Simba had a litter of three underneath our house: Nefertum, MaheseRa and Djin-Djin.   The latter two were captured by us humans and are now (happily, I may add) part of our indoor community.  Nefetum stayed around (but always far away from reach) until his mysterious disappearance in 1999. 
    The following year, Simba had four kittens, one of which has since passed on (the tragic life of a feral :(  Simba also disappeared shortly after the kittens were old enough to fend for themselves.  However she's left us with three lovely cats that have taken up our basement as their permanent residence (of course, daily servings of food might have been a contributing factor :).  The triplets are named Hatsetsup (aka "Hatti"), Diana (aka "Di") and Dmitri (aka "Dimi").

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Hatti is short for Hatshepsut.   She's named after an Egyptian (female) Pharaoh.

We've spayed/neutered the three, which decreases their need to roam.   I was *so* happy that they stayed around after the doctor's visit (I'm sure the daily food/water helps).  I'm even happier that Hatti and Diana allow us to pet them.   Hatti comes right up to the back door demanding food!  She also comes by sometimes to talk to our indoor cats through the screen door.

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Diana's been curiously observing the dogs, approaching them and sniffing noses :)   She's still slightly unsure but A LOT more trusting <^..^>
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Dimi is not so sure about us humans, although he appreciates the daily servings of food.

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