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Inanna (aka "Nonny")


DOB 2/20/1995

Inanna is Benjamin's sibling.  My sister was at an animal shelter looking to adopt a dog, when a friend diverted her attention to the two tiny kittens: One looked up and did her since famous "Silent Meow",   ~seeming~ too weak to even let out a sound.  Then the other lifted his arm and placed it around his sister.   Needless to say, that did it: They both came home that fateful day nearly 5 years ago. 



Inanna is better know as "Nonny."   She's the only long haired of the bunch, so she's also called "Fuzz" or "NonnyFuzz."  Nonny is a big flirt - especially with guys.  She had all our male friends thinking that they are her favorite. Nonny
Nonny in the basket Nonny's very talkative, especially if you've been away for too long! Nonny's mastered the art of paper chewing and has hence taken it upon herself to mark every new book with her "Chew-mark" stamp of approval (that is if she approves!) 

<--- this is the same basket you will see all the other cats in as well.

When the basket is taken by one of the other eight cats, Nonny's other favorite place to lay around is on the arms of couches, so she looks like she's hanging on to the couch.   We tease her at times that she's guarding the couch.  "Don't let the couch fly away, Nonny!" Nonny guarding the couch
 Nonny, showing her tongue Aah, and the  ignominious picture of the page!

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