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This is the home page of
Lilith Kaye (aka "Lily"

kitten Lily

DOB: 05/06/1996

A co-worker adopted a pregnant cat, and at the time I was cat-less, so I picked her brother (black and white), who disappeared the night before I was supposed to get him :(  I ended up with this gorgeous little calico.  She's now 4 1/2 years old.

kitten Lily

Lily Lily is leash trained, and will ~deal~ with it -( but only because it's insisted).  Lily likes getting attention, but only when no other cat is watching!  She loves being called beautiful - especially when it's ~sung to her. <<^..^>>

She's extremely flirtatious with visitors (especially if they're male). 


     The ignominious picture of the page!

  Lily often gets little sprinkles on her nose when she drinks.  She also gets little sprinkles within the radius of 10 feet all around her. <>^..^<>

This basket was originally Lily's.  She had full rein before she moved into a multi-cat household.  She doesn't seem to mind too terribly much, having many other "favorite" spots in the house (such as: any cardboard box)   <^..^>



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