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Angus Mau

Mau DOB: ? 09/1997

Our cats were hissing through the window one day because a strange black and white cat was tapping at our window.   I went outside with a bowl of milk, set it down a few feet away from him and backed up.  He jumped off the fence and approached me - disregarding the bowl of milk.  I picked him up - no protest - and brought him in the house.  Mau's nickname is "No care cat"  because he's very mellow and calm.  He was 6-9 months old when he came to live with us.  He's now 3 years old but has convinced all (except for Pigeon) that he's the king.   He's also very compassionate.  He played "foster daddy" to Pooh and Jinni when they joined the community.  They are often found sleeping [all curled up] together.

Mau's favorite time to ask for attention is when one is sitting in front of the computer.  He'll stand in front of the screen until he gets picked up, and then proceeds to turn on his purr-box, making it nearly impossible to be ignored.



Angus Mau is the most laid back cat of the bunch.  Most of the time I call him "Mau-Mau" and he responds "meow-meow." He gets along with everybody, and enjoys play-hunting with the other cats equally.  He demands attention when he wants it and won't give up 'til he gets some!  He ~secretly~ enjoys tummy rubs <^..^> but don't tell anyone!

Mau is one of the cats that goes outside once a week.  Although I didn't get to leash train him as a kitten, he took to it rather easily as an adult since that's the compromise for getting to roll in the grass, and lay in the sun, and eat to much grass to puke up later when he's back in the house  :) Mau outside
Mau sleeping Mau in basket
All the cats in the house agree, this basket is THE place to be.
Mau doesn't really have an ignominious picture.  He's nearly always graceful and mellow.  He tells me he was a Buddhist monk in one of his past lives <<^..^>>


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