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At 5 1/2 years old, Pigeon the eldest in the community.   Pidj came to live with us by running out of the bushes and meowing toward my sister, who was walking her dog.  She was scabby and walked 'pigeon-toed' (hence the name).   Well, she grew out of it and recovered well - she's now her usual elegant self (as you can see in her picture ;) She adjusted pretty quickly to indoor life. Although she also likes sneaking out.  One day she got under the house and wouldn't come back inside.  While we were gone, she apparently got bit by a dog on the butt and somehow lost three of her claws.  She recovered well from that incidence too, and earned the nickname of "Funny Foot".  We joke that she's only got seven lives left... she doesn't like being reminded!  She mostly rejects playing or cuddling with other cats, and would rather find a cozy lap with a hand (or brush) that will groom her.


Pigeon Pigeon's last adventure was when she sneaked under the house with a harness and leash still attached.  She had us worried but we soon spotted her and she had gotten herself out of the harness (thank you Bast!)  All it took was a little sweet talk and a can of wet food and she was back where she loves to be, regardless of what she says! <^..^>  Pigeon (aka Pidj) has decided that it is not worth the humiliation of wearing a harness just to get to go outside.

Pigeon often likes to pretend she's feral.  She chooses to drink water from the remnants of what's in the bathtub rather than the purified water available in a stainless steel bowl.  She also likes to "paw drink" by dipping her paw in someone's cup - be it water or coffee!

I'm sure that if she could see, this picture would not be approved, but here it is! --->

The ignominious picture of the page!
All the cats in the house agree, this basket is THE place to be.

Pigeon in the basket


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