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About Bast


   Bast, (a.k.a. Pasch, Ubasti, Bastet) is a Tameran (Ancient Egyptian) Deity. She is one of Ra's daughters. (Ra is the Egyptian creator Sun God). Her worship began around 3200 B.C.E. Bast's sacred city is Bubastis, located in northern Egypt. In Her earliest forms Bast is portrayed as a lion-headed Goddess, like her twin sister - Sekhmet. In later times, after 1000 B.C.E., Bast is portrayed as a cat-headed woman (usually holding a sistrum), or in a full cat form (usually sitting). Beliefs about Bast evolved over thousands of years and her relationship to other deities changed with the times (Greco-Roman views differ significantly from those held by Tamerans).

Bast is associated with women, fertility, joy, physical pleasure, art, dance, music, ecstasy, enlightenment, hemp, home, civilization, dawn, moon, rising sun, but she is primarily known as a protector of cats and those who take care of them. She also helps seekers of truth, as she tends to represent PERSONAL truths (while Ma'at represents UNIVERSAL truths).
Bast's nature is much like that of a cat - with a combination of fierceness and calm. Bast encourages one to "speak their mind," to know your truth and make a stand for it! yet She is also called "Lady of Silence", as she teaches us when it is best to remain silent. Bast's calmness teaches us to relax and "take it easy" in this fast-paced, stressed-out world. Our ultimate goal is to live with love in our heart, have respect and compassion for the Earth, the Sun and all their offspring (including yourself!).




Children of Ra Temple: Book of Light and Shadows

    "The Children of Ra Temple believes that ultimate peace lies in celebrating the oneness of all of Earth's creatures, guided by the force of the Sun.  We believe in the power of LOVE above all else, and that the discovery of the Self, wherever that path may lead, is the key to that power.
    We are primarily Ancient Egyptian in pantheon, but  incorporate the wisdom of many other ancient and modern religions, philosophies and magickal techniques.
    We are in search of those "universal truths" that can be seen throughout the diversity of time, place and culture.   Studying these similarities of faith and philosophy gives us the tools to discover our own individual paths."


Sekhmet's Portal: website owned by Bast's sister, Sekhmet: Egyptian Lion-headed Goddess

The personal search for Sekhmet by one of Her priestesses. Also -- home of the Sekhmet Webring. This site is an Amazon Associate, with Tarot Card and "occult" book recommendations.  Also includes information about Sekhmet's Egyptian family and Her counterparts from other cultures. Includes extensive links to other Sekhmet sites.


Heru's Oasis: website owned by Ra-Herakte

A message from the web-owner: "A safe zone for discussions on all topics of spiritual seeking including Reincarnation, Tantra, Tarot, The Egyptian God/desses Sekhmet, Bast Ra and Heru among others..Come share your experience..or drink your fill of the experiences of the seekers..All are Welcome!!"
  Also home of a onelist discussion group TheOasis.


PAGAN PATHS: Pagan networking pages.

Worldwide pagan events calendar, nationwide listing of pagan groups, mailing list, links and more.
The Wheel: Pagan Resources Page. Pages on goddesses, Kali Ma, drumming, shamanism, free pagan e-cards, sabbats, and more.


Ralph Vaughan's ~Holy Cats~

Resourceful pages about Bast and cats based on historic information.   Also check out Ralph Vaughan's Ancient Egypt Page "Each month, a new essay about some aspect of Ancient Egypt is posted on Ralph Vaughan's Ancient Egypt Resource; when its moment in the sun has passed, it is moved to the archives.


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