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This is the home page of
Djin-Djin Bast (aka "Jinny")

kitten Jinny  

Jinni's mom is a feral who was seeking shelter underneath our house.  Our original plan was to capture the kittens long enough to get them spayed/neutered and let them go. We got two of the three kittens, the third, Nefertum, disappeared about a year later (it is estimated that the average life span of an outdoor cat is only 2 years).  

Jinny is named after Jeanie's invisible dog  "Djin-Djin" (from "I Love Jeanie") because we see her very seldom <<^..^>>


Jinny Jinny has not really gotten over the "trauma" of being "captured."  She often hides underneath the bed, and comes out at night, when humans/dogs are asleep.  She *does *not* trust humans, even after two years of indoor life.  Our contact is limited to: "Hi Jinny!" [runs away] "Bye Jinny!"

Jinny has beautiful markings and delicate features.  Her favorite housemates are Mau and her brother Pooh.


Jinny Jinny

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