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Gallery Room 2

i have seen folk wonder...
how can a Goddess be so forceful
and yet so gentle?
one only has to look
at the felines in existence
for the answer...
for even the Lion
and the tiger
have their times of play,
just like their little cousins
that live with us.

i have also heard tales
of how cats--the felis domesticus
have rescued people,
and even a dog.
and for years,
my poor mother
woke up with the remains
of chipmunks in her bathtub,
placed there by a loving Siamese Bluepoint
who she named Mei Li
meaning "beautiful" in Mandarin.
this same kitty
played with a big doberman/rotwielder (sp?),
several times her size...
out one door,
around the house to another door,
(with the dog in pursuit)
in & through the house in a blurring streak
only to start all over again.

can we not expect this cat-headed Goddess
not to be like the kitties we live with?
we have much to learn... from them and Her!

-Ketira shena Tale'pretaras, 1999

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as a child, i thought it was
because of that one time
when cats weren't allowed...
(after all, in a state park,
even some rodents are endangered.)

now that i am a woman grown,
i look back and see
how She has tried to say
"Here I am!"
by influencing me.

even though now i am catless,
She is still with me......
i have 9 Beanie babies--only *1* not a cat;
a doorstop,
2 calendars,
2 shelves full of knick-nacks
(and that's including the Avon purrfume bottle)
and the purrse
that gets comments wherever i go.
now i see
why She said to me
that i am HER daughter.....
for my life is FULL of CATS!

-Ketira shena Tale'pretaras, 1999

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