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last updated: 12282002

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Gallery Room 5

Setsu chan's artwork
(c) 1999 Setsu Chan

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Setsu chan's artwork I am the child of Bast
I am the bright-eyed, the curious,
the creative, the chaotic!
The ironic
I am the knowledge-seeker
I will settle for nothing less than Ma'at

I am the protector of the Living Heru
and His children.
I am patient, watchful, resourceful,
I am content in my hours.
I am a child of Netjer,
through Her I live like Ra, forever,
and through me,
She is remembered as She must be...


-meryBast, 2002

Tribute to Garfield

I had a feline friend
I was not owned by him
But he was my friend

His life began on the city streets
He became a human owner
And learned of the charmed indoor life.

He was happy all of his life
With many feline and human friends
He was perfect Purrer

He got old and became ill
We all loved and cared for him
You will live on in our hearts

Today he transitioned
Comfortable and at home
He lies now in Bast's loving paws

-Catmom, 1999

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Setsu chan's artwork

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