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Gallery Room 3

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Mother Bast

Mother Bast
I feel your smooth fur
nestled against my back as I lean into your body
cozy and soft you lull... my mind to dreams of
full belly and warm milk
your rough tongue cleans
the worn spots of my soul making them new again
and I feel your breath filling the spaces between
the ideas I once held in my hands like china
they break until nothing is left but you
and I am floating somewhere held up by your purring
sound is all I hear
then my own fur grows where pale skin was once
before time flowing into one my ears now pointed
and I can hear the song
the stars are singing
we yowl with delight... together I lick your fur
we dance surrounded by the light of mystery
into the darkness and beyond
I struggle to hang on but we fall into the limitless
void where Goddesses and space are without time
and you teach me the words
to all the songs that will ever be sung and we sing them
all with no mistakes and write new words as we are singing
the joy is unbearable and I tumble back into the world
where you are divine cat and
I am but your humble servant who brings you
hand-woven blankets to lie on

-Raven Joy, 1999 RJ

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